Aussteller Fachtagung 2021

ANEL Beekeeping Supplies

Our company has been manufacturing and offering the finest beekeeping equipment since 1968. Our innovation and reliability has been recognized by the international federation “APIMONDIA” twice.

We cooperate worldwide with the most serious supply companies and we design and develop projects in order to provide the best quality products specific for their needs and always at competitive prices.

All our products pass through several stages before arriving in your hands. The design takes place with continuous communication between us, professional beekeepers, and governmental institutions.

The production and the promotion of a new product start only when we are 100% sure the beekeepers will have a real tool to work with.

We provide several products which make routine operations better, easier, and with lower cost.

Some of the following products are unique in their kind and their purpose is to help you realize new methods of beekeeping, or provide you with the tools to do something you always wanted but you did not have the proper supplies.

The following innovations are waiting for you to take advantage of them.


Giorgos Lykogiannis – Exports Manager
tel: (0030)2102483870 ext. 53

mob / whatsapp: (0030)6986994709

45th str, No 6, VIOPA Ano Liosion
13341 Athens, Greece


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